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Advertising Opportunities in Holistic Medicine

Get connected with the holistic community with NorthEastern Holistic Resource.  We offer advertising space in a variety of ways.  We have a calendar of community events, a Resource Directory, as well as display ads of sizes ranging from 1/16 of a page, all the way up to a full page, in either color or black and white.
Aromatherapy Oil - Advertising Opportunities

Resource Directory

Our free magazine provides a directory for regional businesses that share the same holistic beliefs. You find sources and information about holistic wellness in a variety of capacities, including, but not limited to: 

• Aromatherapy

• Chiropractic
• Dental Care
• Homeopathy
• Kinesiology
• Screenings
• Tai Chi
• Wild Food Foraging


• Nutrition
• Pain Relief
• Yoga
• Allergies
• Reiki
• Veterinarians
• Shamanic Healing
• Life Coaching
• Acupuncture
• Pilates
• Energy Healing
• Holistic Care
• Herbal & Wellness Therapy
• Counseling
• Massage Therapy
• Emotional Release


Local Promotion

One of the unique advantages of advertising in the Holistic Resource is that it provides a platform to reach a targeted audience within the local community.  Not only will your printed ads be distributed throughout the region, they will get into the hands of the people most likely to be interested in holistic living and wellness services.  As a monthly publication, the advertising remains in the public and with the readership for longer than with daily or weekly publications.
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